About company:
Began in December 1995. is working primarily for the Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakhstan and Azerbajian Market. over the years excellent business contacts have been established from which our clients will benefit. operates in conjunction with "sister" companies in Moscow, Kiev and Almaty employing staff who are fully conversant with Switzerland and able therefore to fulfil clients' requests. the Managing Director has been in the tourist trade for the past 35 years and has gained extensive knowledge and experience justifying his position.
Our philosophy:
Incotrade Ltd. focuses on the individual requirements both of the business and tourist traveller within Switzerland providing, for example, guided tours, organising seminars, business trips and educational excursions. Where businesses seek specific products Incotrade has the ability to outsource and satisfy these requests.
It is the firm belief of Incotrade that the future success of tourism lies in the ability to customise the clients requests and by pursuing this belief aim to become the formost company in quality and reliability.
Over the last 15 years the company has matured into a highly respected leader in the market for incoming group tours. Their excellent connections to leading hotels, transfer and excursion services plus the varying business requirements ensure that the demands of the client are fulfilled. Package holidays, e.g. Winter Swiss, are experiencing a steady growth within the market. Inctorade, therefore, continues to expolore this avenue by developing new products and services to the ever discerning customer.

Our addresses:

  • Incotrade Switzerland

    Freiburgstrasse 255

    CH-3018 Bern

  • Incotrade Russia
    Malaya Bronnay 2/7
    office 418
    123104 Moscow, Russia
    Phone: +7 495 690 41 22
    Phone: +7 495 690 53 25
    Fax: +7 495 697 90 53

  • Incotrade Ukraine

Our staff

  • Incotrade

    Andrey Tchourkin
    General Manager Russia

    Tatiana Rodneva
    FIT & Groups reservations

    Incotrade Ukraine

  • Maria Volova
    FIT & MICE reservation