Leukerbad is the largest spa and wellness resort in the Alps – and this in combination with a rich offering of sports and culture as well! Most of the thermal baths and wellness applications are open to the public and available to guests all year round.

A copious supply of 3.9 million litres of 51°C water flows into the thermal baths of Leukerbad every single day, bringing relief to body and soul. A wide range of sports in both summer and winter combined with Leukerbad’s thermal baths and wellness offering make for unforgettable wellness holidays here in the heart of the Valais. Even the Ancient Romans appreciated the hot springs of Leukerbad and took the waters both to forget the stress of their increasingly hectic everyday lives and to replenish their stocks of energy.
Experience the power of the mountains! Whether in winter or in summer, the Torrent and Gemmi Pass both boast a wide range of sports opportunities as well as numerous hiking trails; and if the weather is poor, there is an indoor sports arena, too, plus the pleasure of looking forward to the relaxation to follow – in any one of 30 thermal pools full of bubbling hot spring water, available for your indulgence 365 days of the year! And what could be pleasanter than relaxing in a jacuzzi or a steam bath while admiring the impressive rocky arena of the Gemmi with which Leukerbad is surrounded?

Leukerbad has always been at pains to ensure that everyone has access to its wellness offering. No matter whether you are a guest in a five-star luxury hotel or have rented a little holiday apartment, there are more than 300 different wellness applications just waiting for you to discover them.
And we would love to indulge you as well! Visit our web site to find out about the many different packages and opportunities on offer or simply call us so that we can advise you in person. We look forward to your visit.