Neuchâtel, called Neuenburg in German, has a rich cultural and architectural past. The Castle and the Collegiate Church (built in the Gothic style in the Middle Ages, a Reformed Church), which can both be seen from afar, are the city's landmarks.

The university town of Neuenburg lies on the northern shore of the eponymous lake. The medieval core of the town, the castle and the collegiate church dating back to the 12th century lend Neuenburg its characteristic charm.

The Museum of Art and History in the "Palais des Beaux-Arts" (Palace of the Fine Arts) houses four thematically separate collections: fine arts, applied arts, numismatics and history. The exhibits include the automaton collection of Jacquet-Droz.

The Laténium is the largest archaeological museum in Switzerland and exhibits over 50,000 years of regional history. The archaeological park's main focus is dedicated to finds dating back to the La-Tène Epoch.