Lake holidays

Switzerland is truly a land of the lakes. It is an essential part of its charm just like other treasures of the wonderful Swiss nature. There is no sea in Switzerland; but it has a huge amount of clear lakes just Leman, Zurich, Maggiore, Boden, Lugano and many others.

Geneva lake (Evian, Geneva, Montreux, Vevey)

Montreux and Vevey are the most frequented resort on Lake Geneva and famous for its beautiful location in the southwestern part of Switzerland. Enhanced by the spectacular background of the Alps, the town of 20,000 inhabitants has charmed many people in the past. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, Montreux is regarded to be one of the noblest resorts in Switzerland.

Evian Resort

La Reserve hotel 5*, Geneva
Le Montreux Palace 5*, Montreux
Royal Plaza 5*, Montreux
Le Mirador Kempinski 5*, Mont Pèlerin
Des Trois Couronnes 5*, Vevey
Grand hotel Suisse Majestic 4*, Montreux
Eden Palace au Lac 4*, Montreux
Villa Toscane 4*, Montreux

Lugano lake, Maggiore lake (Lugano, Ascona, Locarno)

The Italian flair of Switzerland. The Mediterranean region seems to begin on the southern side of the Alps. There is a feel of Italy, with palm trees at clean beaches and lanes and alleyways leading to piazzas and churches.

Swiss Diamond Hotel Olivella 5*, Lugano
Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola 5*, Lugano
Villa Principe Leopoldo 5*, Lugano
Villa Orselina 5*, Locarno

Grand Hotel Eden 5*, Lugano
Eden Roc 5*, Ascona
Giardino 5*, Ascona
Park Hotel Delta 4*, Ascona
Villa Sassa 4*, Lugano
Casa Berno 4*, Ascona
Sasso Boretto 4*, Ascona

Lucerne Lake (Vitznau, Weggis, Brunnen)

The small, idyllic holiday resorts Weggis and Vitznau lies at an altitude of 435 metres on the shore of Lake Lucerne and at the foot of the renowned Rigi. Weggis offers tranquillity and relaxation in front of a beautiful lake and mountain panorama. The region on the southern flank of the Rigi is often termed the ‘Riviera’ of central Switzerland.

Park Hotel Weggis 5*, Weggis
Park Hotel Vitznau 5*, Vitznau
Vitznauerhof 5*, Vitznau
Post Hotel Weggis 4*, Weggis
Alexander and Gerbi 4*, Weggis
Waldstaetterhof 4*, Brunnen

Thun lake (Spiez, Thun)

It goes without saying that water sports are very popular in Thun. Thun is home to the oldest sailing school in Switzerland. A beautiful bathing beach attracts a great many bathers in summer. And there is an extensive route network for cyclists and bike riders catering for all abilities.
The town is an ideal starting point for excursions by train and boat, whether to Spiez, Interlaken or the many famous holiday resorts, such as Gstaad, Adelboden, Lenk etc, in the Bernese Oberland. And day trips, for example to the world-famous Jungfraujoch, are possible too.

Eden 4*, Spiez