Le Salève – Geneva’s House Mountain

Le Salève – Geneva’s House Mountain… ... is actually located in France and certainly worth an excursion. From the top, you enjoy an extraordinary view over the town of Geneva and the lake, the Alpine chain, the Jura mountains and the majestic Montblanc. A cable car takes you up to 1’100 meters from Veyrier/Carouge.

Mont Pèlerein – views over the lake

Views from 700 meters above Lake Geneva following a funicular rail ride from Vevey via the Chardonne vineyards, then on foot and with the lift up the television tower.
The rounded form of this range of hills above Unesco’s Lavaux World Heritage site is owing to the ice age. The Rhone Glacier completely covered the original scree deposits of the alpine folds with ice, nicely smoothing them off to the gently undulating form you view today..
The 123 meter-high television tower stands on Mont Pèlerin, from the 64 meter-high viewing platform of which you spy the pre-Alps of Freiburg and Vaud and have views over Lake Geneva as far as the Jura.

Rochers-de-Naye – high above the lake

The rocks (les rochers) – towering 1650 meters above the town, are as much a part of Montreux as the Chillon Castle. Already back in 1892 the first small steam train made its way up to Rochers de Naye from Glion.
Today, panorama carriages of the cog railway departing from the Montreux station arrive at the Dent de Jaman in just an hour, passing some most interesting scenery on the way up to the summit hotel. From a vantage point slightly higher up you also enjoy views over Lake Geneva as far as Jura. And to your left, the Savoy Alps followed by Dents du Midi, Trient region and Vaud Alps.
Unexpected are also views from the "Plein-Roc" – the restaurant imbedded in a wall of rock. Botanical gardens, marmot park, climbing garden and Mongolian-style overnight stays in a yurte are further highlights on the mountain high above Montreux.