Leukerbad Clinic

The Leukerbad Clinic is located in the heart of the Alps, far from city pollution; it nestles within a spectacular mountain range, the source of thermal waters whose therapeutic virtues have been acknowledged since Roman times. These waters and the pure mountain air will help you eliminate toxins and improve your rest and relaxation. The ideal altitude stimulates the production of red blood cells, encouraging more oxygen into body.
These benefits, combined with omedical programmes, provide optimal conditions for recharging your batteries and energy levels.
• 2’600 patients
• 100 employees
• 5 employed doctors
• Many associate physicians
• Russian speaking physicians and nurses

• Health check-up
• Detoxification
• Weight loss
• Anti-aging
• Rehabilitation
• Sport medicine

An integrative approach
• Medical check-up
•Personalized treatments: inflammation, toxins, heavy metals, energy restoration, cells stimulation
• Optimal follow-up
• Full medical records

Specific programmes
• Healthy joints
• Sterility check-up
• Perimenopause check-up
• Perimenopause
• Burn-out